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Sheppard Moscow Supporting Clients in a Time of Unprecedented Challenge

“Love and compassion are necessities, not luxuries. Without them humanity cannot survive.” Dalai Lama

We are living in unprecedented times, and all of us are challenged to respond to the changing circumstances. At Sheppard Moscow, we have always deeply understood we are in the business of loving our clients and bringing love into organisational life, and that love is the true currency of engagement and performance. And at a time like this, that core value and sense of purpose galvanises us and helps us stay strong. Since February, like others, we have been experiencing increasing levels of turmoil. Yet, most of our attention is focused on our clients, and most of our time right now is spent with clients hearing what their challenges are and figuring out ways to help.

Through 50 years of practice in Organisational Development, Sheppard Moscow has always had a highly client-centred approach, and so we are pivoting much of our work to meet a suddenly different, yet utterly similar set of needs. 

We have always helped our clients to achieve long-term sustainable success through relationships, engagement and authentic leadership. Never have these three foundation stones been more essential than they are right now.  And never has the need for love and care in leadership been more profound. 

Igniting change with:


Sustainable organisational change requires a hands-on, tailored approach.

Off-the-shelf thinking and generic approaches make no sense in the face of complexity and specific business needs.  We do not believe in one-size-fits-all. Instead, our three touchpoints for igniting sustainable change deliver a bespoke approach tailored to your business.

3 Touchpoints For Ignition

An organisation is a complex network of roles and relationships that can feel tricky to navigate, founded on ambitions and missions that can be hard to achieve. Our experienced team of consultants bring their expertise, energy and compassion to work in close partnership with you, contributing support & challenge at every step.

There are three key entry points to building capability to ensure success - each powerful on their own and game-changing in unison.

Immediately after working with Sheppard Moscow, people were taking initiatives. Conversations that people found impossible and which were tense and difficult shifted completely, with people really working to understand one another and build communication.

Director, Global Organisation